How To Build An Effective Communications
Tool Questionnaire

In order to build a film designed to accomplish your goals and objectives we need the answers to some questions . This helps to provide information so we can tell you what costs will be associated with completing your project and how we will go about doing it. Take your time in answering the following:

1. What is the goal of the film?
Be as specific as possible. What do you want the audience to do after watching it?

2. Who is the audience?
Please describe, with as much detail as possible, the profile of this person or persons who will watch it.

3. What is the information to be contained in the video?
Putting this in a detailed outline form is very helpful.

4. What is the concept and approach with which you wish to deliver the message?
What is the best way to get the message to the audience? In your minds eye you already see the vision of how you see the message being communicated. Explain this as best you can, we know it's not easy.

5. How much time will it take to deliver the message you want to communicate with the concept and approach you have designed?
(Five, Ten, Fifteen minutes...if you are not sure, try to give your best guess!)

6. Will this be a stand alone product or will a representative be accompanying the video, or will it be used as an ancillary tool to reinforce other tactics?

7. Lastly, how much funding will the project receive?
The reason we ask this is because two approaches exist in pricing and designing your communication tool. First, we seek to understand your needs and design a product to accomplish it. Secondly, we can be realistic with your budget and design a product with a concept and approach that works with it. We suggest trying the first approach as it lends itself to better idea generation for the concepts and approaches needed to keep your attention and interest. This in effect forms the backbone for what holds the interest and attention of the viewer while watching your message.

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