Amish Experience
This still is from a feature film called "Jacob's Choice" which is presented daily in the Amish Experience Theater. S.R. Productions provided support to the feature production, and later re-edited the original multi-media presentation into a linear theatrical production for broadcast and home video distribution. To date hundreds of copies of the film have sold, and tens of thousands of people have attended viewings of the program.

"The Whole Truth" by Dan Cowen's
This independent feature was produced, and directed by Lancaster based Dan Cohen. Although Smokey's was not directly involved in the production, we posted several different versions of the trailers, and assisted Dan with his overseas sales.

Thomas the Tank Engine
When the producers of "Thomas the Tank Engine" came to Central Pennsylvania to shoot key scenes involving the Harrisburg train station, and the Strasburg Railroad, they involved almost every film professional in the area as well as many from out of the area. Smokey's provided some equipment, and several staff members for the shoot, including grip help, video assist. By the end of the shoot, Mark Myers was working as first assistant for the 'B' camera. Any feature film experience like this is exciting for any industry professional.

When producers of this Harrison Ford feature needed some local assistance, Smokey's was there. Performers in the key shoot out scene at the payoff of the movie needed assistance with confined space work, and our background in underwater photography provided just the extra push they needed. Smokey's assisted with breathing apparatus for stunt performers and camera housings to protect equipment during the key corn silo shot, where Harrison Ford's character releases tons of fresh corn, burring himself and his adversary in the silo.

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