Smokey Roberts Film & Video Productions has an extensive background in producing successful training materials - and even turning your training into a profit center. Current training clients include New Holland, NA, and Armstrong Industrial Tools - a sister division to Craftsmen Tools. Our philosophy is that training should not cost a company money - it should make you money. Our tools are cost effective and successful. For more information, contact us here:

We believe in marketing materials that work - and that make sense with the rest of your marketing strategy. Marketing efforts should be effective, and traceable.  Whether you already know what you need, or if you need some guidance - we can help. 

We are a visual company. Above all else, your product should look good.  We can provide motion picture services in 35mm, 16mm film and HD video tape.  Still photography formats include digital, 35mm, and full format.

Digital Editing
S.R. Productions was one of the first in our market with a non-linear, digital editing system. We are currently running an "Avid" system, which allows us to effectively, and efficiently, edit your production and make changes as needed. The "Avid" also allows us to out put to a variety of formats - video tape, CD Rom, DVD, Web, etc - which fits right in with our philosophy of design once, and distribute as needed.

Script and Copy Writing
More than 40 years of experience goes into each and every script we research and write. Our writers are experienced wordsmiths who can convey your ideas to your audiences. Our philosophy of design once and distribute as needed means that your copy will be consistent and usable across many mediums - motion picture, print, and the web.

Production Planning
The key to any successful campaign is in the planning. We can plan your production, your web site and even your live stage show. As we say - design the information once, and distribute as needed.

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